Introduction (Creative Common Sharealike)

The flag of a country is a patriotic symbol that represents its belief, vision, core strength and even include the military associations.

Flags have existed as symbols since some thousands of years ago. The colours and symbols featured in the flags of all countries hold a specific philosophical, historical or any other specific meaning.

From the list on the right, click on a online flag quiz and try to guess as many country flags as you know. Remember what was taught in school and what you have seen!

Fun Facts (which you can use in your quiz).

  • Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag isn’t in the shape of a rectangle 
  • Each of the five Olympic rings stands for the five continents linked together in friendship.
  • Belize has the most colours on a flag in the whole world Image result for Belize flag
  • A lion is the most popular animal to be put on flags.
  • The flag of the United Kingdom is actually called the Union Jack.
  • The Albanian flag contains a double-headed eagle.
  • As of 2022 there are currently 254 countries in the world!
  • The Canadian flag contains a maple leaf in the centre of it.
  • The American flag contains three colours; red, white and blue.

Look up or think about some more fun and interesting facts about flags in different countries in the world. 

Programming and writing a code are helpful for any young mind and develop different soft skills. See the links about different soft skills advancing as a beginner and what kind of soft skills will make you a great software developer


Flag quiz
Flag quiz (Pixabay Free)

You will learn coding in Python language, and also learn about geography. If you want more information about Python and its language, click on the video links on the right side - Python for beginners or Building a quiz in Python.

Some of the Python commands are those of subroutines, using of arrays and looping and IF statements. Furthermore, you will learn how to access words in arrays and also learn about new countries, which you definately have not heard of. If you create your own fun quiz, whether it is about different facts of names of countries or country flags, the sky is the limit. Be creative and make it fun.

You can create your own questions about different coutnries or fun facts about them, but the examples given above will be of some help. 

✔ Write an informative quiz using a mixture of your own knowledge and the fun facts displayed on the next few slides
✔ Use a counter to keep score
✔ Use for loops to print the quiz out for the reader


Take a moment and think how many countries (from 196) can you list without looking answers in the internet?

Look at the quiz pinned in this lesson and start writing and thinking about the countries. How well do you know where they are? Make a competition of who knows the best.

After that, think about, how many countries have you visited or which is the furthest country you have been to? Do you know which country in the world is the largest? The oldest? With most history? With kings and queens?

From the Flag Quiz document, start from the page 7, to learn about subroutines, then go the the next page to start writing a program. Look at the videos listed if you need and ask from your teacher for help. 

  1. You need to start a Python IDE, or use Python online editor
  2. Attempt the Python code activity given on page 7 of step 1 - Flag Quiz
  3. Test the printing command by running the lines 1-4 given at quiz.pdf.
  4. Follow the guide until step 4, and regularly test the program.
  5. On page 16 there is the final combined version of the code which you can use to compare against your code.



  • Now you should be able to make a quiz in Python on any topic.
  • You should be able to find material on your topic, and write the questions.
  • You should know many countries in the world and know about the continents.

Next steps:

  • This is a good start for your own quiz creation.
  • Create your own quiz and share it.
  • Move to Level 2 Python activity.

Links to everyday life:

  • Play – Quizzes are fun to play and are an opportunity to learn new things! Can you expand the quiz and test your friends?
  • Country flags – You are familiar with the different flags in the world and know some fun facts about those. Test those fun facts next time when you hang out with your friends.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to create a simple quiz game
  • You will be able to learn fun facts about country flags
  • You will be able to use if statements
  • You will be able to define and call a subroutine
  • You will be able to create and access elements inside an array
  • You will be able to use a for loop