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You probably think that art and programming couldn’t be more unalike, but actually they might be more similar than you think!

There are many modern artists whose main medium is code. For example:  Mark Dorf, Josh Davis and Kyle McDonald. 

In links section, you can find few websites that merge together art and programming.

Initials havle always been part of art. They are being used in paitings and photography.

In this lesson we wll learn how to draw inicials using python code.


In this project we will be learning about Initials usecases and using turtle graphics in Python to write out our initials. Turtle is a python library that draws graphics.


 What it will look like…

process header

 Full process presentation is available in documents section

  1. Inicials use cases and history - Get inspiration from attached video COOLEST Signatures of Famous People 
  2. Learn about libraries, and add turtle library to project. (pages 8 to 10)
  3. Control turtle by simple commands such as left turns, right turns, move forwards and move backwards. ( page 11)
  4. Use turtle to draw letter P (pages 12 to 13)
  5. Moving turtle without drawing (pages 14 to 15)
  6. Drawing the letter ‘Y’. (pages 16 to 17)
  7. Draw your own initials
  8. Extension - improve program by changing colour of the letters and the speed that the turtle draws. (pages 18 to 19)





Now check you have completed the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Have deeper knowledge on initials
  • Know how to import library into Python
  • You are able to draw some simple colored graphics in Python using turtle at different speeds

Next steps:

You should now move to next Level 1 activity "Making a Monster"

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Initials use cases and history
  • Import a library into Python
  • Learn about graphics in Python
  • Navigate turtle using angles
  • Manipulate speed and colour turtle graphics program


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COOLEST Signatures of Famous People
Getting Started With Turtle in Python