Introduction (Pixabay free)

Monsters and coding have more common than you may think.

Take a look at attached video "Pirates Of The Caribbean" to see  how in moderns films monsters appearance is created with CGI ( computer generated imagery).

Also game development includes lot of programming to achieve good look for monsters.

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For this project you are going to use your own knowledge of the shapes to create your very own monster face!,


  • Try using different shapes and colour's to create a completely different monster face!
  • For example: one giant diamond eye, three square noses or even a triangular head, it’s all up to you.


 What it will look like…


 Full process presentation is awailable in documents section

  1. Discuss computer generated art (like CGI in filmmaking), look at example from Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.
  2. Importing python libraries (pages 6 to 7)
  3. Simple turtle commands (pages 7 to 8)
  4. Learning about subroutines, you can use provided link "Python While Loops" for other examples, if nececary (pages 9 to 10)
  5. Loops and their combination with subroutines to drae square and triangle shapes (pages 11 to 13)
  6. Placement of the turtle to drawing different face parts (pages 14 to 23)



Now check you have completed the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Know more about computer generated art
  • You should confidently be able to import library into Pythonb
  • You should be confident in using subroutines, moving turtle to draw shapes in different speeds and colours.

Next steps:

You should now move to next Level 2 activity "Tessellations"

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Learn more about computer generated art use cases
  • You should confidently be able to import the turtle library
  • You should be confident in using subroutines to create regular shapes,
  • You should be comfortable using angles to move the turtle,
  • You should be able to manipulate the speed and colour within the turtle graphics program.